New Upcoming Technology – oPhone

First thing that pops in your mind when you hear “oPhone,” is a phone, kinda based off the iPhone. But you don’t call people with this phone, you smell. The developer, David Edwards, created this ‘phone’ to send and receive scents to one another like text messaging. With the help of the iPhone app “oSnap,” you can send complex smell messages to share the wonderful experience.
But why would you want to smell what someone else smells? Imagine walking into a chocolate shop and smelling the most delicious homemade chocolate. You could send your friend a picture, but it’s not the same experience. David Edwards says that receiving a smell instead of a picture or sound will give you a completely different experience. “They elicit memories, dismiss stress, and excite emotions.” With all the culinary pictures on Instagram, you just wish you were there, and with the oPhone, you would feel like you were.
Inside each phone is a “smell vocabulary” with over 300,000 unique aromas that you can mix and match to create the smell you want to send. The oChip, which holds the vocabulary can be taken out and connect to an Iphone directly and quickly send out small smells on the go. There are 8 oChips to each oPhone. Each oChip has 4 primary smells and so 32 primary smells to each oPhone. oChips are like ink cartridges, for aromas.
Of course, aromas are things that are very tricky to change. It would be hard to go from smelling an orange to delicious chocolate cake without smelling the orange as well. “Aromas are great environment creators.” This is where the name “oPhone” really makes sense. It treats the aromas as voices in a call, where they end when you “hang up,” and can’t be heard (smelled) again until you “pick up.” It basically turns on and off a smell someone sends you.
Soon, when someone sends pictures of a delicious meal they’re recommending, you see if it smells like it looks! Hopefully one day we could experience all 5 senses through technology.


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