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New Upcoming Technology – Inflatable Moon Bases

Soon, you will be able to live on the Moon, in a bubble! NASA has made a “Bigelow Expandable Activity Module” (BEAM) that is a room that can be folded to fit in the trunk of a spacecraft. A picture below shows it computer generated on the moon. These BEAMs would greatly increase the availability for everyone to go to space and live there for a while. Imagine living on the cheese?!


Scratch Project

We have been working on Scratch the last couple weeks. I have created on in a few short days. Here, try it out! It’s really simple.


Shameless Self Promotion

As many people have heard, job hunting is hard. When you are looking for a job for a certain major or even just a skill, it makes it more difficult. One way to get yourself that second interview is “self-promotion.” Now, there are great benefits from self promotion, just don’t get too crazy!
By Forbes.com’s post, “Self-Promotion is not crucial (unless you want to get ahead!)” As the writer, Margie Warrell, says in her book, Stop Playing Safe, “Failing to toot your horn – with the right people, in the right way, and at the right time – doesn’t serve anyone.”
(Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/margiewarrell/2013/04/29/self-promotion-is-not-crucial-unless-you-want-to-get-ahead/)
In Margo Arnold’s book, “Shameless Self-Promotion!”, she talks about advantages and disadvantages of types of self-promotion. She mentions 7 ways to self promote.
1. In Person
2. By Traditional Mail
3. By Phone
4. By Fax
5. By Email
6. On the Web
7. Social Media
She states self promoting on Social Media these days is the best idea, as businesses are moving to the digital age. She said it allows your Facebook “friends” get to know you, trust you, buy from you and even hire.

So while you are debating about promoting your self to gain that new job promotion, just know, if you feel in your job “prime,” show it! There is no shame in shameless self promotion!

Mad Skillz – Top 10 Skills To Have.

We are all gifted and skilled at somethings, that others are not. They can also be skilled in things you are not skilled in. Here is a list that describes the top 10 skills you need to be successful:
1. Sales Skills
This is the base to all business success. Even in a non-sales position, you sell in meetings, customer service, and even engineering. If you have no selling experience, it’s as easy as convincing your neighbor to babysit for you.
2. Transferable Skills
This is the skill for you to use past experiences to take on a new task. For example, a former waitress would be able to highlight her skills with customer service.
3. The Ability to Ask
This is the easiest and most under appreciated skill everyone should have. The only way to get better at asking, is asking! Start by asking your family or a sale clerk, anyone about anything. The age old thing is, “If you do not ask, you will not receive.”
4. The Ability to Code
You don’t have to be the next super computer nerd, but familiarizing yourself with the Web with help in future jobs with technology involved. Do little things like building a blog or exploring your social media’s settings.
5. Communication Skills
Both written and spoken communication is a basic skill to have but doesn’t mean it’s difficult to be able to do perfectly. To work on it, don’t hit send right away but instead reread it and revise/edit it to sound more professional. If you are shy, work on speaking your mind.
6. Interpersonal Skills
This is the skill to work as a team player, a fundamental in business. This also is the basic skill to get along with everyone, relate and communicate with everyone also. Just learn to be more likable. Have good body language and be able to really listen.
7. Project management skills
Are you able to break down a project into action steps? Then you can lead a team of employees that like to think they are “idea people”, but they are unable to complete those ideas. To get better at management skills, find a finished project and list the steps they used to get it done.
8. Ability to be a self-starter
To be a self-starter, that means you are able to work on projects and own up to them, start to finish. To get better, just ask for side projects you can do when your work is done.
9. Ability to be curious
You should always be looking around for things to improve, personally or business wide. Ask, “why?” or “how?” to your co-workers, but don’t get annoying! And finally:
10. Ability to drive results
You need to know what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. This means using all your skills to finish.

These are the skills to be successful.

Now, we are all good at different things on this list, and some, we need to improve.
My greatest strengths on this particular list is the sales skills, transferable skills, the ability to code, communication skills, the ability to self-start, and the ability to be curious.These are my strengths because I’m very good at communicating the important information to someone, I learn from past experiences, I love to be on technology and work at my own pace. I also love to ask questions of how something works.
We all have weaker skills as well.
My weaker skills on this list is the ability to ask, interpersonal skills, project management skills, and the ability to drive results. These are my weaker skills because I usually lead and expect things to get done without asking, and I have horrible time management. I’m not good at driving results because I never know my goals I want to achieve. I think, however, that these skills can be improved. I just need to ask more often, let people lead more often, work on my time management with things that have to get done, and set personal and busniess goals for myself each month.

To read more about Busniess skills to have, visit http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2014/12/10/the-top-10-skills-you-need-to-be-successful

3 Rules Of Humanity

There are many “rules” that can be placed, enforced, and created for certain places or people. Some rules we give to ourselves, like the 3 rules I have read about. The article is called “The Three Rules of Humanity,” and list 3 rules all people should use, in my opinion.
The first rule: Through my action or inaction I will not allow another person to become unhappy. That may seem hard, but even a simple, “are you okay?” or a simple greeting can effect someone’s day. I want to follow this myself as this is an important thing all people should do to create a happier place.
The second rule: I shall strive to be happy, as long as my action or inaction doesn’t conflict with law 1. This means that you should try to be happy, without putting other people down to do that. Some people become happy when they bully someone or put them below them, but that conflicts with law 1. Try to be happy while other people can still be happy. This is not the first law because others come first.
The third and final law: An individual’s well being can override law 1 and 2. If it’s for their health, their happiness comes second. Like a child and how they need to eat their vegetables. They may not be happy about it, but it’s for their health.
This is what I believe that these 3 rules of humanity means. Others should be happy before you, and if it’s for the better, their happiness is second to their health.