Shameless Self Promotion

As many people have heard, job hunting is hard. When you are looking for a job for a certain major or even just a skill, it makes it more difficult. One way to get yourself that second interview is “self-promotion.” Now, there are great benefits from self promotion, just don’t get too crazy!
By’s post, “Self-Promotion is not crucial (unless you want to get ahead!)” As the writer, Margie Warrell, says in her book, Stop Playing Safe, “Failing to toot your horn – with the right people, in the right way, and at the right time – doesn’t serve anyone.”
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In Margo Arnold’s book, “Shameless Self-Promotion!”, she talks about advantages and disadvantages of types of self-promotion. She mentions 7 ways to self promote.
1. In Person
2. By Traditional Mail
3. By Phone
4. By Fax
5. By Email
6. On the Web
7. Social Media
She states self promoting on Social Media these days is the best idea, as businesses are moving to the digital age. She said it allows your Facebook “friends” get to know you, trust you, buy from you and even hire.

So while you are debating about promoting your self to gain that new job promotion, just know, if you feel in your job “prime,” show it! There is no shame in shameless self promotion!