3 Rules Of Humanity

There are many “rules” that can be placed, enforced, and created for certain places or people. Some rules we give to ourselves, like the 3 rules I have read about. The article is called “The Three Rules of Humanity,” and list 3 rules all people should use, in my opinion.
The first rule: Through my action or inaction I will not allow another person to become unhappy. That may seem hard, but even a simple, “are you okay?” or a simple greeting can effect someone’s day. I want to follow this myself as this is an important thing all people should do to create a happier place.
The second rule: I shall strive to be happy, as long as my action or inaction doesn’t conflict with law 1. This means that you should try to be happy, without putting other people down to do that. Some people become happy when they bully someone or put them below them, but that conflicts with law 1. Try to be happy while other people can still be happy. This is not the first law because others come first.
The third and final law: An individual’s well being can override law 1 and 2. If it’s for their health, their happiness comes second. Like a child and how they need to eat their vegetables. They may not be happy about it, but it’s for their health.
This is what I believe that these 3 rules of humanity means. Others should be happy before you, and if it’s for the better, their happiness is second to their health.