Networking – What and Why?

Instead of businesses hand delivering papers to businesses across the world, businesses can use computers to digitally send the documents in matter of moments. But the documents don’t get there by magic, the computers use a network. There are two types of networks that are easy to remember and recognize.

The first one is LAN, or Local Area Network. LANs connect many relatively close devices over a small area. Buildings use LAN to share things with each other. A library uses a LAN when they use their database about due and checked out books. Homes with their own network typically use LAN so that the whole house is connected.

The next network is WAN, or Wide Area Network. They connect smaller amounts of devices but over a large span of area. If two libraries in different cities wanted to share their catalogs, they would use a WAN. Companies would use a WAN to connect to other companies’s information.

But why would you want a network? In the new age of fast paced technology, it’s important to stay connected. The sole purpose of a network is sharing information and getting work done faster. You even use a network almost everyday! The biggest network around today is called the Internet. Without networking, you couldn’t Google how to tie your shoes! Many people believe that networking only deals with computer technicians, when really, you use one all the time!